It All Adds Up ... “The Power of Aesthetics” Creates a New and Effective Company Brand.
The Assignment
Precision Dermatology had two divisions. The Precision MD aesthetic division lacked brand equity but was teamed up with their Rx division, Onset Dermatologics. Onset Dermatologics had very strong brand equity and recognition with Dermatologists. To bring the Precision MD division into the fold, they asked us to brand a new name for Precision MD.
Our Solution
The name was changed to Onset Aesthetics to capitalize on the equity of the name “Onset”. Secondarily, their brand narrative was to communicate that this division was founded on science and research. Our solution was to make the letter “O” the new brand identity and to display it as a mathematical formula; “O” to the power of “a”… “The Power of Aesthetics”.
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